Richard Blanco Highlights Satirical Poetry by John Lithgow


On the latest segment of Village Voice, using poetry to better understand our lives and times, Richard Blanco highlights satirical poetry by John Lithgow. Blanco and Lithgow were the two poets in attendance at this year’s Sun Valley Writers’ Conference.

“These poems, while they’re satirical and fun, they’re also very accomplished…masterful use of rhyme and meter…People often feel that rhyme for rhyme’s sake makes a poem, but it’s really what rhymes that makes a poem interesting.”

Tune in to hear the discussion and the poems listed. Richard even sings sections of the poem “My Favorite Lies,” which is a spin on “My Favorite Things,” sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

“Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Crown”

“My Favorite Lies”

“Rabid Rudy”

“Recipe for Disaster”

This episode of “Village Voice” first aired on GBH Boston Public Radio on August 11th, 2021.