Village Voice: A Lesson In Eco-Poetry

Village Voice: A Lesson In Eco-Poetry

In this episode of the Village Voice, Richard Blanco reflects on a new poetry anthology from the front lines of climate change: “A Dangerous New World: Maine Voices on the Climate Crisis,” edited by Meghan Sterling and Kathleen Sullivan.

Blanco told Jim and Margery the poems go “beyond the political, preaching, ranting” about climate change to “really shift our consciousness” around the issue. read more…

Village Voice: Poems That Embody Empathy And Outrage

Village Voice: Poems That Embody Empathy And Outrage

In this edition of “Village Voice,” inaugural poet Richard Blanco highlighted the anthology What Saves Us: Poems of Empathy and Outrage in the Age of Trump edited by Martin Espada, out Oct. 15, 2019.

Blanco read from two poems that will be included in the anthology, one of his own and one by Naomi Shihab Nye entitled “Gate A-4” from “Honeybee” an excerpt is included below. read more…

The Village Voice: Poems To Help Say Farewell To Summer

August is almost over, and with that comes the beginning of a new school year and the bittersweet end of summer. Noting the time of year, poet Richard Blanco says that this time of year is a time to appreciate living in the moment.

In this episode, Blanco shares some of his favorite poetry to read during this time of year. read more…

Village Voice: Richard Blanco On Poems That Help Us ‘Surrender To Oblivion’ And Feel Renewed

Richard Blanco joins Boston Public Radio for another segment of Village Voice to share a collection of poems “that surrender to oblivion as a way of feeling renewed and perhaps in a way arriving at a new kind of awareness that helps us to keep on going,” he says.

Follow along with the poems as they are read and discussed: read more…

Village Voice: Richard Blanco On Showing, Not Telling

In the latest edition of “Village Voice,” Jim and Margery get a lesson in evocative writing from poet Richard Blanco.

“I just wanted to take a little deep dive into one of the golden rules of creative writing, called show don’t tell,” he said. “I don’t know [that] we always know how that really works in a poem, and in our lives, so I’m going to walk you through this, and you’ll be my students today.” read more…

Bright Sunlight And Dark Shadows Populate Poems About Summer

In the latest edition of “Village Voice,” Boston Public Radio’s recurring conversation about poetry and how it can help us to make sense of the news of the day, poet Richard Blanco shares his favorite poems about summer and the Fourth of July.

Blanco newest book, “How To Love A Country,” deals with various social and political issues that shadow America. read more…

Poet Richard Blanco Celebrates Pride Month

In the latest edition of “Village Voice,” Jim Braude and Margery Eagan celebrated Pride Month with poet Richard Blanco.

Blanco shared two of his own poems about growing up gay. In one, “Queer Theory: According To My Grandmother,” Blanco chronicles the way his grandmother policed any behavior she deemed “too feminine” when he was a child.

“I learned a lot from her, I got a lot of support from her, but when it came to this dimension of sexuality, it was something she didn’t understand,” he said.

Blanco said it was this fraught and often painful relationship that shaped his identity as a writer. read more…

Announcing The Winners Of BPR’s Acrostic Poem Contest

Earlier this year, poet Richard Blanco issued a challenge to Boston Public Radio listeners: Write an acrostic poem about your town, and share it with us. Many listeners did, capturing snapshots of their neighborhoods — depicting everything from the changing of the seasons to gentrification to climate change.

Blanco, the nation’s fifth inaugural poet and author of the new book “How To Love A Country,” shares CONCORD by Bruce Morgan and the rest of his favorite entries in this episode of The Village Voice. read more…