Village Voice: Poet Richard Blanco Explores AI-Generated Poetry

by | Oct 28, 2023 | Radio

In this latest episode of Village Voice, Poet Richard Blanco joins Jim and Margery on Boston Public Radio to explore A-I-generated poetry.

“I was going to choose Halloween poems, but I think this topic is even scarier.” He said.

Blanco asked Chat GBT to generate two poems. One, in the style of his own voice, after his poem “Palmita Mia” which translates to “Little Palm of Mine.” (From City of a Hundred Fires.) For the second, he asked it to write a poem in the style of “How to Triumph like a Girl” (from Bright Dead Things) by Ada Limón.

Tune in for Blanco’s reading of the poems and conversations that arise.

This episode first aired on Boston Public Radio on October 9, 2023. Image by Andrea DeSantis on