Village Voice: Inaugural Poets and Poems

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Radio

In this year’s first episode of Village Voice, I spoke with Jim and Margery about Amanda Gorman, the sixth and youngest Inaugural Poet, the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate, and Harvard graduate! I couldn’t be happier with this choice! We need young voices, now more than ever.

Amanda said of inaugural poets Elizabeth Alexander and myself, “The three of us are together in mind, body, and spirit.” (That we are!) My partner likes to say, “More people have been to the moon than have been an inaugural poet!”

Learn more about Amanda Gorman and read along with the poems listed below!

“In This Place (An American Lyric)” by Amanda Gorman

“One Today” by Richard Blanco

(This episode first aired on GBH Boston Public Radio on Jan 18th, 2021.)