A Master Class In Poetry With Richard Blanco

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Radio

If you have a case of “metrophobia” — or fear of poetry — Richard Blanco wants to help you become a “metromaniac.”

The nation’s fifth inaugural poet joined Boston Public Radio to share a master class in reading and interpreting poems, including discussing some of his favorite works and what keeps him coming back to the craft.

Blanco said his approach to poetry can be summed up by a line in Roque Dalton’s poem “Like You”: “Poetry, like bread, is for everyone.”

“I love the metaphor because it’s the idea of sustenance, but also the idea that bread is an ordinary thing that we have every day, and that [poetry] can be that in our lives,” Blanco explained.

This episode of Village Voice aired on Boston Public Radio on April 9, 2018.