Richard Blanco is one of the most beloved and influential poets and storytellers writing today.

As a historic inaugural poet, public speaker, teacher and memoirist, he continues to travel the world, inviting audiences to reconnect to the heart of the human experience and all of its beautiful diversity. Through the power of his words and presence, Blanco taps into our unspoken dreams, hopes and frustrations. He captures the human spirit and condition, in all of its complexities, opening up our minds and encouraging us to see beyond our differences to share in the universal experience of our humanity. Just as Carl Sagan brought cosmology into our living rooms, Blanco is appealing to audiences everywhere and inspiring a new way to think and feel about the poetry of our day, making it an accessible, inclusive and transformative part of our everyday lives. More »

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  • Found my birthplace in Madrid! Very emotional sense of coming "home" to the very place where my life began,...

  • Pescado grande was number 14, while pescado chico was number 12; dinero, money, was number 10. This was la...

  • RT @valverdefernan: Lo mejor del festival son los amigos. @rblancopoet @jbozalongo @casidadelodio @alicalderonf

  • "Uniting people is one of the most powerful things poetry can do. That's my hope for it, that's what I invest in...

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Jun 3-5, 2016
Rhinebeck, NY
Jun 11-26, 2016
Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 5, 2016
Boston, Ma
Jul 9, 2016
Monhegan, ME
Jul 12, 2016
Boston, MA
Jul 16, 2016
Chicago, IL
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