Past Events

Mar 7-10, 2018 2018 AWP Conference & Bookfair Tampa, FL

Friday, March 9
The Art of Politics, The Politics of Art: Writers, Gun Violence, and the Literature of Social Engagement. (LeAnne Howe, Sharbari Ahmed, Richard Blanco, Dean Rader, Brenda Hillman)
Room 7, 8, & 9, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor

Saturday, March 10
Writing the Pain: Memoirists on Tackling Stories of Trauma. (Melanie Brooks, Richard Blanco, Andre Dubus III, Kyoko Mori, Abigail Thomas)
Ballroom A, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor

Nov 21, 2015 Miami Book Fair Miami, FL

Bridges to/from Cuba
2pm / Chapman (Bldg. 3, 2nd Floor)
FREE Tickets Required
As the invisible Berlin Wall across the straits between Cuba and Florida begins to crumble, the more subtle and poetic voices of those who have been
experiencing Cuba for a lifetime — loving, grieving, and dreaming in Cuban — are being shut out. In response, writers Ruth Behar and Richard Blanco joined their minds and hearts to create a blog, “Bridges to/from Cuba: Lifting the Emotional Embargo,” to serve as a forum for sharing their apprehensions and hopes in this new era of U.S.-Cuban relations. Behar and Blanco will be joined by journalist Liz Balmaseda, book artist Rolando Estévez, and historian Orlando García Martínez, for a wide-ranging discussion of a new era of U.S.-Cuban relations and their hopes and dreams for the Cuba of tomorrow.

We Are Extraordinary, Every One of Us!
4:30pm / Wembly Wordsmith’s Storytorium!
Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco and Caldecott-winning illustrator and author Dav Pilkey come together to highlight the beauty and connection in our diversity in the picture-book version of the poem One Today, which Blanco presented at President Obama’s second inauguration. National Book Award-finalist Edwidge Danticat paints a portrait of the binding power of love, even amidst separation and distance, in Mama’s Nightingale. Parents and children alike will delight in this conversation of the extraordinary ties that bind us.

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