Call For Poetry: Send BPR Your Acrostic Poems


Spring has sprung, the cherry blossoms are cherry blossoming, and it’s time again for the twice-monthly edition of Village Voice!

We fell so madly in love with your responses to our call for ‘zip-odes’ that we thought we’d open things up again: this time with an acrostic poetry competition. Yes, you were a poet and you didn’t even know it — so here’s another challenge:

Write an acrostic poem about your hometown: the word that is spelled out should be the name of your town, and the poem’s subject should be about your town.

Submit to BPR@WGBH.ORG by Monday, April 29, and put ACROSTIC in the subject line. We’ll read the top submissions on Monday, May 13.

This episode of “Village Voice” aired on WGBH Boston Public Radio on April 1, 2019.